About Us

We’ll be writing a complete section about us, but is the meantime here are a few brief notes to get us started:

We started Innovus Aquaculture out of a desire to feed the reef in the Innovus office the best live foods possible. We found it took a complete staff to aquaculture the finest Phytoplankton, Copepop and Anthropoid cultures for our fish, invertebrates and corals.

Since we are dedicating staff to aquaculturing live foods we decided it would be awesome to wholesale them to local live fish stores. We released our first 3 products January of 2021. We currently do not sell on-line or directly to consumers. We will update a list of where you can get Innovus Aquaculture products.

Innvous runs it’s facilities completely off grid. All our power is generated by a state of the art solar system. We currently generate more than 65 kWh of solar power every day. Presently we store energy for night time use in batteries, but we are developing a liquid compressed air energy storage and generation system for nighttime use. We do have gird backup for emergency use should we not be able to generate enough power to maintain critical systems.

Innovus is dedicated to building and maintaining the highest quality RENEWABLE systems for all our products, including our aquaculture products.