Fish Quarantine Service

We’ve done a ton of research and developed a QT protocol that we believe is effective of eradicating most every common fish disease.

We’ve decided that having a disease free tanks is possible and that is a far better option than just managing the disease in our tanks. With that in mind we built a QT system to go through all our tanks and allow them to go fallow for the required 76-80 days. This project required six 29 gallon QT tanks. We also added four 20 gallon coral and invert QT tanks so we could QT new life coming into our tanks that could not go through the standard fish QT process outlined below. Feel free to use this process yourself.

Our QT tanks stay up and running full time. We bring the Copper levels up to 2.5 ppt while they are not in use. Carbon and a 50% is used to remove all other medications between QT uses.

The following is our QT protocol:

  1. Fish is observed and fed for 5-15 days to determine what it likes to eat and how much to feed it. A feeding schedule is determined. If the fish is a picky eater it may be necessary to train it to eat a variety of fresh, frozen and prepared foods. All food is dosed with Selcon and amino acids to improve fish overall health. Fish are typically fed 3 times per day. If any form of disease is observed then intimidate treatment is implemented.
  2. QT calendar process below is implemented.
  3. This is our modified Fist QT protocol calendar.Quarantine Calendar
  4. Fish observed for 15 days before release.

We do not ship fish. Local pick up ONLY. Yucca Valley is roughly 2.5 hours from L.A. and 45 minutes from Palm Springs.

We love doing this. We do not do it for profit. We do our best to keep the costs associated with this process as reasonable as possible. While you can expect to pay a higher price for a fully quarantined fish you can also expect that that fish is overall healthier and may live longer as a welcome pet in your aquarium. We do not negotiate on the price of the fish.

Here is a list of the fish currently available in quarantine or for sale. You may come and see the fish anytime you like. You may purchase a fish while it is still in QT. Occasionally fish do not survive the QT process. If the fish does not survive the process you will be refunded the entire cost of the fish or we will replace it and start the process again. This will be at your option. If you would like us to acquire a specific fish an QT it for you please e-mail us at: .