Phyto Banquet

Phyto Banquet is a blend of four of the top phytoplankton species found in the great reefs around the world individually, meticulously cultured. Phytoplankton is the building block food for the reef. Each phytoplankton included in Phyto Banquet has essential, beneficial nutrients and amino acids that coral and invertebrates in your reef need for overall health. Phyto Banquet is cultured with the highest quality marine salts, RODI water and marine safe F/2 fertilizer. Phyto Banquet is LIVE unprocessed phytoplankton.

Uses for Phyto Banquet: Direct Dosing of your reef builds and maintains a healthy population of Copepods and Arthropods. Pods feed on plankton and Phyto Banquet is tailored to provide the highest level of protein, amino acids and other essential elements while the limiting the addition of unwanted nitrates and phosphates to your reef environment. Target feeding of corals and invertebrates will bring out color and overall health. Up to 50% of coral nutrition comes from phytoplankton in the ocean.

Directions & Storage: Direct Dosing of 1 ml per 10 gallons of water volume every day. Target feed corals feed ~1 ml per coral. Turn off all return pumps and flow in tank while feeding. Turn off protein skimmer and UV filter for a minimum of 4 hours after feeding. Store in a refrigerator for up to 30 days. Discard if rotten odor when opened. SHAKE EVERY 24 HOURS to prevent settling.

Bottle Recycling Program: Bring back this original bottle, in reusable form, and receive 50¢ off your next purchase. Participating retailers only. Or return bottle to 7180 Mohawk Trail, Yucca Valley, CA, 92284 for a 50¢